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Friday 10 July 2020
Freedom – Galatians 3:15-25

Pause – Let’s press the pause button on our lives as we seek to hear, see and feel what it is that the Holy Spirit has for us in these moments. ‘God, we love you. Help us to know and grow in your love today. In whatever situation we face today, may we know that we are surrounded by you. Amen.’

Reflect – This week in our ‘freedom’ series, we are reading Galatians 3:15-25 together. Take a moment to read the passage, paying special attention to verses 23-25. As we finish this passage, we see Paul use two metaphors to characterise the way the law works in a Christian’s life – i.e as a guard and a guardian. In both cases, the relationship with the law is not intimate or personal. Our efforts to gain God’s approval by obedience to His law show us that we must go beyond the law to find that approval. When we see this, and allow Christ to be our Saviour, we have learned the lesson the law sought to teach us as our guardian. For the Christian, the law has already achieved its purpose of being our guard and guardian. Does this mean we can now forget about it? No! Paul is not indicating that we no longer have any relation to God’s law, but that we no longer view it as a system of salvation. The gospel means that we no longer obey the law out of fear of rejection but when we desire to please and be like our Saviour – we will want to obey the law. Once we understand salvation by promise and not performance, we do not obey God any longer for our sake, but rather, we obey God for His sake, using the law’s content to please and delight our God. The law shows us as we really are, and it points us to see Christ as He really is: our Saviour, the One who obeyed the law on our behalf and then died in our place so that we might receive the promised blessing. The law allows us to love Jesus and enables us to show our love in grateful obedience to Him. As you reflect on this passage, why do you obey God’s law? Do you ever obey it for the wrong reasons?

Ask – Take this time to come to God in prayer, asking Him to develop greater obedience in your life, both in the big and the small things. Ask for opportunities where you can be obedient to Jesus both in private and in public, so that others may see it and be obedient to Him too.

Yield – Our last step together is our first step forward as we seek to surrender to the scriptures. After taking time to speak with God, spend the next few moments listening to what it is He might be saying to you. In what area of your everyday life could you be obedient to God today?

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